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  • The Business Success of Branson
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  • The Creativity of Da Vinci
  • The Writing Talent of Stephen Fry

Stop imagining.

In the 1960s, two leading European psychologists discovered a technique that enables you to do just that: take on the abilities of any kind of genius. Since then, the technique has been gradually refined and tested – with staggering results.

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The Secret European Experiment

In the early 1960s, Russia and Germany got together to perform an experiment.

Two highly respected psychologists – Dr Vladimir Raikov of Moscow, and Dr Milan Ryzl of Prague – set on a mission to help further understand the human mind.

One of their experiments involved hypnosis, and seemed quite simple:

They hypnotized subjects into believing they were someone else.

It sounds basic. Yet the results were phenomenal.

One subject was interested in playing the violin. She had only ever attended one basic lesson. During the hypnosis experiment, she was asked to believe she was a powerful classical violinist. On her second lesson, the instructor was astonished at her new-found level of skill – and immediately enrolled her into the advanced class.

Despite no longer believing she was someone else, her new genius skills remained.

Another subject was hypnotized into thinking she was the artist Raphael. Despite not being able to paint “so much as a smiley face,” her drawing ability suddenly rocketed after the hypnosis. Within a month, she had the drawing skills of a professional designer.

Later experiments showed that this hypnotic trance wasn’t even required.

Simply by following a SECRET mental technique, individuals could “pretend” and “adapt” the genius skills of absolutely anyone – all within just minutes.

Depending on the genius they chose, people became more business-savvy… more confident… more creative… more artistic… better at sports… they were able to write better…

It was called the Raikov Effect . And a lot has happened over the past 40 years.

Enhancing the Raikov Effect:

Since the discovery of the Raikov Effect, psychologists and brain experts have adopted and enhanced that secret mental technique for “becoming anyone.”

Genius expert Win Wenger developed it into a process known as “Borrowed Genius.” Hypnotherapist and NLP master Paul McKenna created something known as the “Possibility Generator.”

But the biggest breakthrough came this year – with the introduction of NLP.

NLP stands for “Neuro-Linguistic Programming,” and it’s a method of changing mental behaviour, using special techniques. It was developed in the 1970s by Dr Richard Bandler and Dr John Grinder.

One of the most basic NLP premises is known as “anchoring.”

Anchoring is when you have a physical trigger connected to an emotional state. For example, when you feel your stomach rumble, you suddenly feel hungry. When you hold the microphone to give that speech, you get sweaty and nervous.

Now, anchoring can also be used as a “trigger” – to bring about certain states of mind.

For example, imagine using the secret mental technique to switch on the Raikov Effect, and activate the genius skills of your choice. Then you can use the “anchoring process” to connect that genius state with a physical trigger – such as pressing your thumb and forefinger together.

In future, whenever you wish to recreate that genius state, just press your thumb and finger together again – and watch as that state immediately rushes back.

Can you imagine having your own SECRET SWITCH like that – to automatically turn on ANY genius skill you like? Whether it’s the leadership of Winston Churchill, the sporting skills of Tiger Woods, the confidence of Bette Middler, or the writing talent of Stephen King..

Just activate your trigger!

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