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Subliminal Studio + Bonus Add On Sessions

Subliminal-Studio is One POWERFUL Package Designed To Be Very Easy To Use Yet Fully Customized PLUS: Includes An Amazing Amount Of

Super Deep Relaxation Audio Session

When you don’t just need relaxation but DEEP relaxation, this is the audio program to choose. It helps entrain your

Brain Bullet

Brand NEW software automatically motivates, empowers, and re-educates your mind to develop “super-human”-like powers… FAST! EASIER than affirmations… MORE powerful

Law of Attraction Pro

Uncover the secrets behind the Law of Attraction. The ultimate manifestation course, from Bradley Thompson. You’ve tried The Secret. You’ve

You Can Create Wealth – Hypnosis

Do you wish you had unlimited wealth? Dream about a healthier bank balance and everything that goes with it? Everyone

Banish Colds and Flus – Hypnosis

Constantly catching colds and flus? Feeling run down and drained? Colds and flu are very common illnesses making them ever

Creativity Boost Hypnosis Script

Combining visualization and NLP, this hypnosis session helps clients develop the capacity to generate new ideas and insights! Just follow

Pain Free Childbirth Hypnosis Session

Terrified of labor pains? Worried that the agony will spoil your experience? Giving birth is the single most wonderful moment

Release Your Past Hypnosis Session

Haunted by your past? Letting bad memories mess up your life? Letting go of the past and strong memories can

Change Your Physical Body Subliminal Session

Wouldn't it be great if you could have the body YOU wanted? To be able to sculpt the perfect you?

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