A lot has been said about being positive and the need to exude positivity in order to succeed in all realms of life. But can positive thinking really affect the outcomes of your life in any significant way or is it just a delusional perception of the world with no real life implications? We believe the outcomes of positive thinking can truly create change in the lives of those who make a habit out of it.

There are numerous benefits in incorporating positive thinking in your routine in a pragmatic way and using it as a tool does not require you to believe in any type of esoteric or transcendental forces. In fact, studies have shown that positive thinking can improve health, job success and every other outcome of your life.


So, What Exactly Is Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking is a mental attitude that focuses on positive thoughts, actions, and beliefs. It is a state of mind that primes your brain for thoughts, words, and images that are conducive to growth, expansion, and success. Positive thinking is the attempt to eliminate and shut down the negative self-talk that most people experience on a daily basis. It anticipates only happiness, joy, health, and successful outcomes for every situation and action.Positive thinking is not a miracle pill for happiness by any means. But it is a tool to open people’s mind to a state of expecting and being ready for positive outcomes, that is directly related to taking a positive outlook on life, which – in turn – creates the conditions for those same positive results to come to fruition. It is not the solution to all your problems but it is a helpful tool for living a good life.

Thinking positively will indirectly affect a whole slew of characteristics and actions that will engender greater success in your life. With positive thinking, what the mind expects, it finds. And an individual that masters positive thinking will often find that more positive situations arise in their life.

How Can I Start Cultivating a Positive Attitude?

Like nearly everything else, taking the time to practice is key to incorporating Positive Thinking as one of your habits. Unfortunately, positive thinking cannot be turned on like a light switch. It requires you to slowly replace negative attitudes and thoughts with more positive alternatives. At first, try focusing on just very minor negative thoughts and attitudes. If you find yourself being annoyed by something, try to become aware of that and replace the negative thoughts with something more positive.

The more you do this the more you will become conscious of how you’re thinking and when negative thoughts are entering your mind. Gradually, begin to work on larger negative thoughts and attitudes that pervade other areas of your life. With practice, you will learn to replace the negativity with a more positive outlook.


The Benefits of Positive Thinking

More Energy

What can be more sapping than feeling like – no matter what you do – you won’t be able to improve your situation? This is the mindset of a negative thinker. Thinking like that will only result in your energy levels being lowered.

Positive thinking enables you to look at the brighter side of life and instead of feeling like there is nothing you can do to improve your situation, you will feel exhilarated by the challenges in front of you.

A simple re-framing of the circumstance from an insurmountable annoyance to a surmountable barrier will do wonders for your energy levels.


Improvement and Deepening of Your Relationships

Attitudes are contagious and people much prefer to be around positive people. It’s easier to connect with someone who is naturally positive and optimistic. People like to be surrounded by people who encourage and support them, not somebody who is negative.

Learning how to think more positively will improve the relationships that you’re already a part of and will introduce you to more positive relationships with others.


Healthier Lifestyle

Negative thinkers often experience a significant impact to their wellbeing and health, often caused by the stress of expecting – and experiencing – bad outcomes. Too much stress can have a very negative effect on our bodies, and it can weaken the immune system, making you more susceptible to fatigue, headaches, sleeping disorders, muscle tensions, and an array of other negative consequences. Handling events more positively, a hallmark of positive thinking reduces the stress that you’ll feel daily. Instead of just seeing the problems in a given situation, positive thinkers see solutions and opportunities. Working toward solvable solutions will lower your stress levels.

Thinking positively lifts that blanket of stress and allows you to live a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, positive people believe they have control over their future and are therefore more likely to exercise and eat healthy foods.


New Habits You Can Build To Incorporate Positive Thinking


Meditation is possibly the most popular habit to begin building towards a more positive mindset. Starting a meditation practice is easy and inexpensive, and it can truly impact your life in a positive way.



Writing down three things you are grateful for every day teaches your brain to scan the world for positive things, which adjusts your perspective and teaches you how to look for the positives first.



Another powerful way to begin training your brain to think more positively is through affirmations. Choosing a few empowering and positive phrases and saying them out loud is a strong way to start your day and build towards something positive.


Our secret weapon

Now the real secret up our sleeve is this piece of software that can literally rewire your brain. Creating habits can be challenging, but if you are able to consume affirmations and content, that turns your brain into a powerful positive thinking machine. Brain Bullet has changed thousands of lives through a technology that allows you to take in your daily affirmations throughout the day, while you work or use your computer.

At first glance, it may seem overly simple to attribute so much to something as simple as positive thinking. However, the benefits of positive thinking are very real and very simple to begin experiencing for yourself.

Try to recognize patterns of negative thoughts when they enter your mind and replace them with positivity. It will be difficult at first to realize when you’re being negative. However, over time you will begin to notice when that negativity begins to creep into your mind and you can begin replacing it with positivity.


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