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  • Checking out “EXPERT ADVICE” and finding out what’s real – do you truly need to “eat right” for your blood group, or grind seeds into your muesli?
  • The SINGLE VITAMIN that contributes toward making you immune from most cancers and diseases – and how much to take! (This might just surprise you!)
  • Why “nutrient-rich” foods are now WORSE than in the 1970’s – and what to do about it! (For example, did you know that many oranges today contain little or NO vitamin C?)
  • How ANTIOXIDANTS can mean the difference between life and death – and how to get your fix EASILY
  • How scientists extended animal life by 40% using one simple antioxidant trick.And how YOU can use it too!
  • The LITTLE-KNOWN TRICK to increasing your child’s IQ by a staggering 4-5 points! (This one is SO EASY, you MUST do it!)
  • What ANTI-NUTRIENTS are – and which food stuffs you MUST avoid, and will be BANNED in the near future!
  • Does ORGANIC food really make a difference? What it realistically means, and the organic labels you’ll see around the globe
  • Why RDAs (Recommended Daily Allowances) mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – it even differs MASSIVELY between the US and UK! I give you the REAL facts!
  • The “FAKE FACT” that oily fish is rich in OMEGA 3 and we can eat lots of it without harm: Be careful or eating too much fish might just KILL you!
  • The HEAVY METAL inside your tooth fillings that could be slowly poisoning you – and how to get them replaced absolutely free of charge.
  • Why NICOTINE PATCHES provide false health benefits, and can kill you JUST as easily as cigarettes – especially through CANCER.
  • The REAL TRUTHS behind alcohol – YES, it can be immensely beneficial! I’ll show you how far you should go, and which drinks are best for you! (It’s NOT what you might think!)
  • The LIE behind DETOX JUICES – why they can do you more harm than good, and the detox programs that REALLY work!
  • The foods you MUST NEVER eat in the same meal – unless you want digestive problems for the rest of your LIFE! (This secret is amazing – and pure genius.)
  • Want to reduce your FAT INTAKE? Just eat THESE THINGS on your plate FIRST, and you’ll automatically shed the pounds. It’s EASY!
  • From REDUCED CALORIES to NO ADDED SUGAR – Here’s what the confusing supermarket labels really mean. This will *definitely definitely* surprise you!
  • The PROBIOTIC YOGHURT MYTH – why these simple yoghurt pots are not only useless, but may actually HARM you if you eat them at the wrong times!


  • The widespread BRITISH FOOD that can SLASH your chances of a heart attack by a shocking 50%!
  • The common drink from ITALY that can cut Alzheimers and Parkinsons by as much as 60%. I’ll tell you exactly how many cups to drink!
  • How to ROCKET your immune system, just by adding a small delicious vegetable to your dish. EVERYBODY loves this one!
  • Why CHOCOLATE can be GREAT for you, and help prevent heart disease – but you MUST be eating the right stuff! This guide shares the secrets.
  • The BODY-BUILDING MYTH that you need more protein to build muscles. It’s UNTRUE – and could be putting you at a true disadvantage!
  • How going NUTS can turbo-charge your health – including the super-nut that goes with anything, and provides fantastic Essential Fatty Acids!
  • The PERFECT SEED MIXTURE for OPTIMUM HEALTH! I’ll share my secret nut mix that will keep you in great health, your whole life!
  • How to create the PERFECT SMOOTHIE for great health – and the NINE little-known additions that give you a real health boost!
  • The NEXT BIG THING in the world of DIETING – the common vegetable that will make you LOSE WEIGHT, control blood sugar, boost your immune system, reduce the chances of cancer and MUCH, MUCH MORE! (Most people have NEVER heard of this one, and it will absolutely AMAZE you!)
  • The TRICK to stopping ENERGY SPIKES and energy lows, by one simple change in your diet plan!
  • The SHOCKING FACTS about MINERAL WATER and tap water – and why you should avoid both. There’s a solution: here’s what to do!
  • Forget EIGHT GLASSES of water a day! Here’s the EXACT amount you should be drinking, and why. Drinking more water is NOT good for you!
  • The SEVEN HERBAL TEAS that can provide you with AWESOME benefits, including lifting your mood, getting rid of stress and increasing energy!
  • How DREAMING can help you live a healthier, happier life – and how to dream more and more!
  • The THREE METHODS for getting rid of INSOMNIA – and ensuring you get the best night of sleep EVER!
  • Sleeping TOO MUCH is actually bad for you! Here’s how many hours you need each night (this number might just surprise you!) – and the PERFECT hours to sleep!
  • Why COMPUTER GAMES really can improve your brain – and the best ones to use! Plus: How to use computers to recover after a stroke.
  • The SIMPLE EXERCISE that absolutely ANYBODY can do – and enjoy a full-body workout, in just 10 minutes a day!
  • The GOOD MOOD FOODS that can make you happy within just minutes of eating them. Most people have NO IDEA what foods affect their happiness levels!
  • The MYTH behind DYING BRAIN CELLS – You can ALWAYS create new neuro-pathways, and I’ll show you the best vitamins and foods to help make it happen!
  • Why you should NEVER overload your body with VITAMINS – and how doing so can lead to your body STOPPING producing the vitamin. I’ll show you how to beat the system!
  • How to use ALCOHOL to charge your memory, and the related “Old Wives Tale” that can genuinely BOOST your brain power – TODAY!
  • Becoming NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL – the secret moisturizer oil you can buy for pennies from the supermarket, the oat-based facial scrub, banana face masks, the kitchen substance that removes blackheads, and MUCH more!
  • How to ensure you have GREAT LOOKING HAIR – what to drink, what to add to your shampoo, how to thicken your hair, and the secret behind “Emu oil”
  • EIGHT POWERFUL alternative therapies – what REALLY works, and how to quickly spot a QUACK!
  • The SEVEN “SECRET AGES” of MEN and WOMEN – from pregnancy to old age – what you should be doing at every stage, what you should be aware of, the foods you should eat, and much, much more!

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