Little-Known 1948 Book Unveils the REAL Secret BehindThe Secret, Manifestation, Cosmic Ordering – & MORE!

Read on to discover the amazing discoveries of author, Claude Bristol.

Claude Bristol understood the real secret behind huge business success; Incredible health cures; Secrets of celebrity & fame and other miracles:


Belief changes both yourself and the world around you, that much you already know.

What you expect to happen – very often happens.

With belief, your perceptions shift. The world around you changes. Opportunities can become more apparent.

Think about it: Belief is the real golden thread behind manifesting, cosmic ordering, prayer, the placebo effect, hypnosis, the Law of Attraction – and more.

Sure, the “gurus” re-wrap everything in mystical hype and ritual to sell more copies: the enchanting graphics on The Secret DVD, the “amazing” 10-step self-help system, the lucky talismans.

But, when the smartest people have considered it, they realize that…

Belief is the ULTIMATE SECRET behind it all!

When you REALLY “get” that, you can skip every other system out there – because you’ve uncovered the ultimate source.

Believe and you can really receive.

Unearth the ULTIMATE SECRET Behind Everything Else!

Here Are the Techniques That Bristol Shared Back in 1948 – Including the EXPERIMENTS he Used PROVE Himself That This All Works!


  • Why BELIEF is at the heart of almost every “MIRACLE” in the world!
  • The SCT RESEARCH which shows how beliefs change the world around you (minus all of the New Age mumbo-jumbo!)
  • PRECISELY how thousands have CHANGED their beliefs – using the Mirror Technique, Card System, and more!
  • The simple, REAL-WORLD EXPERIMENTS that YOU can perform – to actually st whether your belief is “working properly”
  • The little-known secrets of PROJECTING your THOUGHTS onto others – to help achieve powerful results with ANYONE, ANYWHERE

This is solid, scientific material – without the excess hype you’ll find everywhere else in the self-development community.

Remember, this was written in 1948 – when times were so much tougher than today. They wouldn’t entertain nonsense.

Claude Bristol was WAY AHEAD of his time.

His books talk about computers, genetic engineering, micro-surgery, digital recording, the Space Shuttle and more – way back in 1948.

He was a man of science – and his logical attitude uncovered the ULTIMATE SECRET behind the Law of Attraction, The Secret, cosmic ordering, lucky charms, prayer, What the Bleep – and much more.

He discovered the BELIEF SECRET – and how to use it to manifest ANYTHING, QUICKLY.

HAPPINESS, success, abundance, HARD CASH, your LIFE PARTNER – whatever you want, you can manifest within JUST DAYS.

He developed simple, effective, POWERFUL techniques that beat EVERYTHING ELSE out there. No hype. No nonsense.

You CAN absolutely TURBO-CHARGE your life, QUICKLY – with this book.


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