Common Psychic Abilities

Some people report having psychic abilities. While you may think that means having the ability to read the future, there is actually much more to being psychic than just that. One category of psychic abilities is having extrasensory capabilities. Basically, being able to see, hear, smell, feel, and taste things that may not actually be present. This is why some psychics report being able to communicate with ghosts or spirits. Psychic abilities have been around for thousands of years and what follows is an extensive list of the various types of psychic abilities you, or someone you know, may possess.

Afterlife Communication
This is one of the most common types of psychic ability that people are aware of. The popular depiction of psychics usually incorporates a person that can communicate with the deceased. Psychics that have this ability can speak to people who have passed on and also hear their response. This is obviously a very popular ability as many, many people wish to speak to loved ones after they have passed on.

Numerology refers to the divination of numbers such as dates and other codes. For example, numerologist will assign number values to the letter of the alphabet and are then able to divine the future by analyzing names and birthrates. There are many applications online that can apply these principles and tell you what your future holds.

This is a type of divination that is performed by creating a circle marked along the edge with letters of the alphabet. Then, the diviner makes himself or herself dizzy. When the dizzy person stumbles toward the various letters the words are interpreted as a message. This is a similar concept to how Ouija boards work.

This type of psychic ability uses the positions of the planet and other heavenly bodies to predict future events. If you’re familiar with horoscopes, this is what astrology is. An astrologer is a type of psychic that uses your date of birth to predict your future and personality traits.

This ability refers to the psychic’s ability to see what is normally unable to be seen. Or, said in another way, the ability to see the future. Clairvoyants use this ability in various ways, such as by looking at tarot cards or reading palms, but the underlying fact is that they tell you what the future holds.

This psychic ability refers to the ability of taking on other people’s feelings of pain or pleasure. An empath can actually feel the emotions of others. Sometimes psychics will use this skill to help clients overcome sorry or depression by being able to channel some of that energy away from them. However, many psychics would rather not have this power at all because they are at the mercy of the emotions of people nearby.

Intuition is the socially accepted term used to describe psychic awareness. It is used to describe people who are in tune with their psychic abilities. For many people, being in touch with their intuition manifests in any number of different psychic abilities, some of which I’ve already mentioned in this article.

Telepathy is another one of the more popular psychic abilities due to its portrayal in the media, particularly movies and television. Very simply, it is the ability to read thoughts or send your thoughts to another person as a message. Telepaths have been the root of secret government experiments and research due to the incredible advantage a true telepath would have in many sensitive situations.

While this is only a very brief list of psychic abilities, it will at least give you a taste of the skills available to a true psychic.


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