Although stress is actually an important motivating factor in our lives, sometimes the stress can build up to a point where it becomes unhealthy and overwhelming. Finding way to relax and relieve stress is vital for us to maintain our sense of physical, mental, psychological, and emotional wellbeing. Whether it is through breathing exercises, relaxing music, relaxing videos or even yoga, learning what works for you is an important step in the relaxation process. Are you the type of person who needs a calm quiet place? Do you thrive around others? Do you need the stimulation of a long drive? This article will examine different ways to relax yourself and the usefulness of each method.

One of the most common ways people choose to relax is through breathing exercises. While it is true that we are constantly breathing, it is rarely done at a pace and manner that is conducive to relaxation. This tenant becomes quite apparent when we are placed in a stressful situation. Our focus becomes lost while both our breathing and heart rate become increasingly rapid. The key to managing our breathing is to breathe from your diaphragm and not your chest. At least of 70% of people do not use their diaphragm for optimized breathing. The best way to tell if you are breathing successfully is to place your right hand in the center of your chest and your left on your diaphragm (3-5 inches above your bellybutton.) If both hands are moving in tandem with one another, you are breathing in the most optimized manner possible to increase relaxation.

Another excellent way to relax that many people take for granted is sleep. Most of us simply do not get enough sleep to operate efficiently. The average adult needs about 8 hours of sleep to perform at peak efficiency. Most of our sleep deprivation can be attributed to distractions that we take for granted such as having a television or too many distracting lights in your bedroom. A bedroom should exist as a room for sleeping only. You should not eat, read, or engage in other such tasks bed. Spending too much time in bed tricks our body into thinking that we do not necessarily need to sleep in our beds and can lead to many restless nights.

Music can be a great way to relax. If you’re feeling stressed go to a quiet secluded place, put headphones into your ears, and play some relaxing music or even soundscapes. The type of music that will relax each individual best differs from person to person. One person’s relaxing music might only irritate another. Soundscapes are regarded as highly relaxing and will generally work for everyone. There is something about the sound of waves crashing on a beach or a calm thunderstorm in the distance that seems soothing and will serve to eliminate your stress. Other white noises that are not necessarily music or soundscapes can help to soothe and relax you as well. For example, an oscillating fan in your bedroom can provide a great background noise on restless night.

Many religions also include ways to relax. Buddhism promotes meditation, which people often site as one of the best way to relax. Meditation includes all three of the aforementioned tactics. The meditative state that is reached can recharge our bodies in a similar fashion as sleep and the controlled breathing throughout helps to regulate blood flow and lower stress.

These simple techniques ease the mind and evaporate stress. Although these are not the only three ways to relax yourself, many people benefit from practicing these common relaxation techniques.


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