Famous Examples of Stage Hypnosis

Stage hypnosis is hypnosis that is performed for entertainment value in front of an audience, normally at a comedy club or theater. Stage hypnosis shows have gained popularity because participants are normally induced into a hypnotic state by a hypnotist who suggests funny or abnormal behaviors for the participants to do.

Some famous examples of stage hypnosis that can be done with a hypnotist and participants are:

Hypnotists will often choose a participant who does not look like a person normally inclined to dance, such as a guy who would be labeled as a “jock,” and have them dance when under hypnosis. Dancing is one of the most common suggestions a hypnotist will make for participants who are taking part in a stage hypnosis show.

Falling Asleep
It’s common for stage hypnotists to snap their fingers, say the word “Sleep!” and have participants fall asleep instantly in a hypnotic state. While in the hypnotic trance, or sleep, the hypnotist will give a suggestion for what the participant will do or how they will behave when they wake. For example, a hypnotist could suggest that a participant sleep, and then suggest that when the participant awakes that they have forgotten their own name. When the participant awakes, they will be disoriented when asked about their name until the hypnotist snaps them out of the trance.

A hypnotist can suggest that participants in a stage hypnosis show are undergoing some sort of travel while they are on stage. A stage hypnotist may suggest that a participant is traveling through time, the universe, to the bottom of the sea, a desert or some other destination. While still on the stage, participants will act as if they are traveling while in a hypnotic state. The hypnotist will suggest certain situations that will clue participants in on how to act. For example, if a participant is traveling to the bottom of the sea, the hypnotist may suggest that they swim faster or talk to the fish that are around them.

One of the most famous stage hypnosis examples is to have participants believe the suggestion from the hypnotist that they are a famous celebrity. When under hypnosis on stage, participants can be prompted to behave in the manner of certain celebrities that the hypnotist suggestions. Participants will act in the same manner as the celebrity and even say common sayings that a celebrity may be known to say.


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