How does cosmic ordering work

Cosmic ordering is very similar to the Law of Attraction in that cosmic ordering relies on thoughts to affect desired outcomes in the world. Also, just like the Law of Attraction, it is very hard to prove that this theory is valid and works. Evidence for cosmic ordering is mostly anecdotal, so it is very hard to measure results and get hard evidence that cosmic ordering is a legitimate way to change one’s circumstances. Cosmic ordering also relies on the fact that the human body produces energy, and that this energy is linked to other energies throughout the universe. The question of how cosmic ordering works delves into how energy can mold other energy in its likeness.

Cosmic ordering states that the whole cosmos is connected and that things within the cosmos interact with each other in order to affect the ebb and flow of events and circumstances. The theory of cosmic ordering is based on the thought that there is a fabric of the universe which connects all things, and that energy from the body is used to communicate to all other things. Communicating to the universe is done through thoughts. For cosmic ordering to work, it takes a person who fully believes in the theory, because believing is half the battle.

While the theory of cosmic ordering may seem like something other-worldly, many people claim to have seen the powers of cosmic ordering first hand. It is unclear, however, whether these people were truly effected by cosmic ordering, or if the desired goal or desired situation simply came about on its own. People that claim to have used cosmic ordering in order to change their circumstances believe that their thoughts directly affected the actions that resulted. For example, if someone wants to be successful at their job, they will put it out to the universe that they will be successful, believe that they will be successful and think about how they will be successful. In return, the belief is that the universe will answer and make the person successful because they are in tune with their goals and with the desires of the universe.

Cosmic ordering can work for anyone, there is no special training or education needed. To have cosmic ordering work for you, you will need to first visualize what you want and visualize actually having what you want in your presence or life. Believe that you will have this object or situation, because believing in cosmic ordering is a major part of having it work for you. The next steps are to recognize any signs that may come to you as a result of cosmic ordering and taking actions on those signs or opportunities. While the universe may provide you with your desired outcome, it is ultimately up to you to decide what to do with it.

The benefits of cosmic ordering are that you will develop a greater sense of what is important in your life and the goals that you want to achieve. Cosmic ordering forces you to evaluate what you want the universe to give you, and ask the universe for help in getting what you want. Cosmic ordering also encourages positive thinking because thinking positively and believing in the process will help you achieve your goals. Another benefit of cosmic ordering is that it will improve your focus. You will always be on the lookout for signs that have resulted from cosmic ordering, be prepared to act on the signs, and be focused on thinking positively about your desired outcome. There are many benefits to trying cosmic ordering and very few risks, so if you think that cosmic ordering may work for you, there is no better test than to try it yourself.


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