How to become a genius

No one can become a genius overnight. The first step on how to become a genius is realizing that becoming a genius will take hard work, determination and time. However, there is hope. While some people think that geniuses are born with superhuman intelligence, this is not always the case. It’s possible for someone to increase their IQ by exercising the brain, learning new skills in developing a mindset that puts them in the realm of being considered a genius.

One of the first steps that you should take if you want to be considered a genius is formulating exact goals and working towards those goals with a clear focus. Once you have established your goals and have a clarity regarding the things that you want you will be more efficient and productive with your time. Start writing down the things you want to achieve in developing a schedule for these goals. The schedule can be long-term, but should also include daily and weekly milestones. This will help you to be driven and focused on your goals.

People often say but if you think something will happen it will happen. The same holds true with your journey to become a genius. If you think positively and imagine yourself as being a smarter and more accomplished individual, you will most likely experience more success and achievement in your life then if you didn’t believe in yourself. Think positively about your goals and work to develop a sense of self-confidence that will assist you in believing that you can achieve genius levels of thinking. To think like a genius, you must act like a genius. This means having ambition and confidence that you can achieve anything.

After you are in the correct mindset to tackle your goals, you can begin putting your plan into action. There are several methods to improve your brainpower and raise your IQ. Part of being a genius is having a very well rounded mind, which includes being able to solve complex problems, memorize facts, think critically, create with innovation and become an expert in a certain field. Being a genius means that you are considered one of the best in whatever field you decide to take on. Improve your IQ by reading voraciously, using puzzles in games, taking classes, interacting with other intelligent people, staying up-to-date on current events send acquiring new knowledge.

An important part of becoming a genius is the quest for knowledge and an unrelenting desire to learn. Becoming a genius means that you will need to acquire new wisdom and knowledge. You can do this by taking classes that cater towards what you want to learn, reading books, articles and magazines, watching educational programming and talking to other intellectuals. You should always be looking for ways to acquire information that is useful and interesting to you so that you will remember the information and not simply learn it and forget it. It will take some practice to develop a mindset that is clearly focused on learning, so start out slow and work your way up towards consistent and heavy learning. One way that you can start is to read for one hour everyday. Be diligent in carrying out this task to establish discipline and also set a schedule for learning. After a few weeks, increase the amount of time you spend reading and learning to 2 hours, and continue increasing that set time per day every few weeks.

Use these tips and tools to increase the likelihood that you will become a genius. You will also need to believe in yourself and develop a thick skin to deal with naysayers and people that will tell you that you cannot become a genius. Maintain a deep and solid self-confidence and belief in your abilities. Positive thinking and a trust in your own value will help you to reach many goals in life.


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