One relaxation technique that is successful for users across demographics is implementing relaxation CDs to decrease stress and promote mental health. Relaxation CDs work to rid your mind of perturbing thoughts and emotions by filling the listener’s brain with positive, calming stimulation. Whether you are using relaxations CDs that include relaxing sounds, relaxing music, relaxing narration, or guided positive self-talk, any relaxation CD ultimately aims to put the mind in a relaxed state, where the brain operates using Alpha Brain Waves.

When the brain is operative using Alpha Brain Waves it is in a state of maximum relaxation. This mental homeostasis in the brain, connecting the emotional right hemisphere with the calculating left hemisphere, gives an individual a feeling of calm and wholeness that he or she seldom achieves in day-to-day activity. Many activities such as meditation, yoga or even mild-alcohol consumption can help an individual to experience an Alpha Brain State. An important part of reaching a state where the brain is operating using Alpha Waves is the combination of a relaxed body and a relaxed mind. Relaxation CDs are a simple, yet effective relaxation technique that individuals on the go can implement to reach this ultra-relaxed state.

There are a number of different types of relaxation CDs available, and what works best will vary from person to person. A more formal program would be better for a person with serious stress and anxiety issues, whereas a self-made relaxation CD might be more appropriate for someone just looking to slow down on a day to day basis.

Relaxing Sounds are often used on relaxation CDs and quite frequently employ many of the soothing sounds of the natural world to help listeners decrease stress and anxiety. The sounds of singing birds on a summer day, the slow rush of a cold mountain stream, a soft wind rustling through the mountain ever-greens or even the crash of the waves on a sandy beach are a few examples of extremely relaxing natural sounds frequently used in relaxation CDs. Other types of sounds such as soft radio static, the whirring of a fan or the faint tinkling of wind chimes also can be used in relaxation CDs.

What falls into the category of relaxing music will vary from person to person, but all relaxing music will help put an individual into a peaceful state of calmness. Whether you are listening to an instrumental melody, a soft piano solo or even your favorite band, relaxing music is a great way to alleviate stress and anxiety.
Many of the more structured relaxation CD programs will include a guided visualization journey, where the friendly narrator takes the listener on a walk through an empty park, endless meadow or another relaxing natural setting with the goal of taking the listener out of his or her reality. This relaxation technique is used in many CDs.
Programs promoting positive-self talk can also be incorporated into relaxation CDs. The narrator will instruct the listener to verbally repeat phrases that promote the listener’s confidence, value, and self-worth. Thinking is believing, and the process of speaking and repeating positive mantras can help reduce stress and anxiety.

One vital aspect for achieving a state where the brain is emitting Alpha Brain Waves is the combination of thoughts, feelings, and bodily state, which relaxation CDs can help us achieve. Beta Brain Waves keep us sharp and alert, promoting a heightened sense of awareness and watchfulness, and delta waves are frequently referred to as sleep waves. Alpha waves are considered to be the most productive, healthy brain waves because those in an Alpha state are fully aware, yet still relaxed.

When the brain is operative using Alpha Waves, researchers have found that creativity becomes enhanced, problem-solving skills are improved, athletic ability can improve, fear or phobias can be eliminated, and general awareness becomes increased. This state is often considered the optimum state for learning, though it is difficult to achieve and quite difficult to maintain for an extended period of time. Using relaxation CDs before a big test or a big day at work might help individuals tap into these Alpha Waves enough to promote the confidence and positivity to ensure success.


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