How To Write Hypnosis Scripts

Hypnosis scripts are pre-written guides for hypnosis that outline hypnotic inductions and suggestions for use during hypnosis. Many hypnotists and people learning how to hypnotize someone will use hypnosis scripts to ensure results with the hypnosis session. Hypnosis scripts are thorough and contain multiple mental exercises for the hypnotized person to follow. A hypnosis script can either be read by a hypnotist or recorded by someone who wishes to hear his or her own voice reading the script during self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis scripts are easy to write because there are a number of examples written by professional hypnotists online. You can either adapt these scripts, or use them as a reference to write your own hypnosis script from scratch. Hypnosis scripts should be written in a way that helps a person deal with certain issues. The scripts can address a number of issues ranging from relaxation to weight loss. The first step to writing a hypnosis script is to determine what issue the hypnosis script will deal with and tailor the script to that particular issue.

To write hypnosis scripts, you must have a good imagination and be able to create scenes with your words that will provoke a hypnotized person to visualize what you have written. Strong imagery that involved familiar places, like a beach or a staircase, will help the hypnotized person connect to your words. Words that make the hypnotized person feel relaxed and calm should be used when beginning a hypnosis script.

Here are some more tips for how to write hypnosis scripts:

1.Use clear and simple language.

Because the hypnotized person is in a trance-like, relaxed mental sate, you’ll want to make your sentences short and your language simple. If a sentence is too complex or too long, it will be more difficult to understand and interpret. It is best to use simple language that conveys a clear point.

2.Use the present tense.
Talking in the present makes your suggestions more effective because the hypnotized person can imagine himself or herself doing the things you are saying today, and not in the future. The present tense makes visualizations and imagery more relevant and obtainable.

3.Use positive affirmations.
Always be positive in hypnosis scripts to keep the mind in a positive and productive state. Making statements like “I will eat healthier food” are more effective than statements like “I will not eat junk food” because they concentrate on the positive.

4.Use visualizations.
Powerful imagery and visualizations will help the hypnotized person connect to your words and really imagine themselves in the situations you are suggesting. If you want someone to relax, use statements like “You are now in a peaceful meadow with a small stream trickling slowly to your left” will help the hypnotized person get to that place of relaxation.

5.Use exciting language.
Words like “amazing” and “wonderful” and “beautiful” create a better image in the mind than bland words. Use exciting language to connect to the imagination and to also reinforce the positive message in the script.

6.Use repetition.
While you do not want to say the same thing over and over again, the message of the script should be repeated several times. The subconscious will recognize the repetition and the hypnosis script will have better results. Repeat the desire of the hypnosis script using exciting and vivid language.

7.Use power words.
Power words inform the subconscious how to act and behave. Examples of power words are “I can,” “I am,” and “I will.” These phrases give the hypnotized person power in the present. Weak words like “I can’t” or “I want” do not create the same experience as power words and should be avoided in hypnosis scripts.

Follow these tips to write effective hypnosis scripts that can be used to hypnotize others or during self-hypnosis. The purpose of a hypnosis script is to create a full and vivid hypnosis session that takes the hypnotized person through a series of mental exercises where they can use their imaginations and obtain positive affirmations.


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