Natural ways to look younger

The pressure to look young, thin, and fit is more prevalent than ever before. With the thousands of anti aging treatment options available for those who want to learn how to look younger, the prospects can get a bit overwhelming. Even more overwhelming is the causality and ease with which men and women today are going under the knife to get back their youthful appearance. However, any cosmetic surgery, even “non-invasive” outpatient procedures, can be painful, expensive, and come with a litany of potentially harmful side effects. Another troubling possibility of getting cosmetic surgery to look younger is that the treatment can easily be undone. If you get a tummy tuck to look thinner, but fail to change your diet and exercise habits in conjunction with the surgery, you will be right back where you started 6 months after the surgery. Most of these alterations are not permanent or if they are permanent, require lifestyle changes to support the reconstruction. This article will explore a few simple tips on how to look younger naturally.

1) Get enough rest
Though this tip sounds too simplistic, research shows that a majority of men and women alike do not get the recommended amount of sleep each night required for maximum physical functioning, and often times it shows. Looking tired and worn down is a sure-fire way to age yourself significantly. Dark circles under the eyes, hair thinning, and weight gain are just a few of the negative effects of sleep deprivation on your outer appearance.

2) Avoid smoking and drinking
Through the occasional alcoholic beverage is not to be discouraged, consuming large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis can have negative effects on your body that are sure to take a toll on your appearance. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause premature aging in the skin with symptoms including: dehydration, depletion of natural nutrients and vitamins, breaking down of elastin and collagen, and broken capillaries and veins on the skin’s surface, causing redness and blotchiness.

Aside from the truly detrimental effects of cigarette smoking to your health, cigarettes also cause the teeth and nails to get yellow, brittle hair, and dry skin. Avoiding all of these negative side effects can help you maintain a youthful appearance.

3) Exercise
Exercising is another commonsense strategy for working towards achieving a healthy and youthful appearance. People who are overweight may actually be shortening their live span, but it also looks like they are shortening their lifespan. Even those who are underweight might actually be making themselves appear older than they are. A skeletal, sinewy frame can age your appearance significantly. Working to develop a fit, healthy body with muscle tone and definition is an excellent and healthy method for preventing the appearance of pre-mature aging.

4) Eating the right foods
Another healthy and effective natural anti aging solution is a diet filled with the right foods. Science surrounding food is becomes more complex every year, and researchers have discovered a number of foods that have extremely beneficial anti-aging properties. Foods like blueberries, citrus fruits, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, guava fruit, almonds, salmon, wheat germ, oysters, cucumbers, and skim milk contain enormous amounts of beneficial vitamins and nutrients that promote skin health and skin rejuvenation.

5) Protect your pearly whites
Maintaining a healthy mouth can help promote a youthful appearance. A clean, white teeth and healthy gums can take years off of your face. Nobody young wears dentures, so they longer you can keep your own teeth healthy the more youthful and natural your appearance will be.

6) Remember to moisturize and exfoliate
The process of exfoliation and moisturizing keeps your skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy. Exfoliation removes the layers of dried and dead skin cells on your face and body, while moisturizing ensures that the new layer of skin receives proper nutrients necessary to ensure a healthy, youthful glow.


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