Relaxation can be a very hard to come by in our fast-paced, hectic society. When your life is complicated by bouts of anxiety, it can become even more difficult to reach a state of relaxation when it is so desperately needed. Anxiety can be caused by innumerable factors, such as stress from work, a moral dilemma, problems with interpersonal relationships, and many other equally stressing situations. This article will examine several of the most prominent ways to relax yourself in a situation of anxiety.

The most universally used and probably best method for relieving anxiety is deep breathing exercises. This anxiety-relieving relaxation technique is achieved by slowly breathing in and out, while closely observing your actions and thoughts. Start out by going to a quiet peaceful area. Close your eyes and slowly begin to inhale through your nose using your diaphragm. Once you have taken a full breath, exhale through your mouth with lips pursed. Repeat this for at least two minutes as both your heart rate and your anxiety level will drop to a more controlled state.

Another great way to relax and reduce anxiety is listening to relaxing music. Relaxation audio can be a key component for eliminating anxiety. Relaxing, anxiety-relieving music does not necessarily have to be classic relaxation music. Your favorite upbeat song can be an excellent tool to lower you anxiety and put you in a good mood. The key component to this tool is distracting yourself from whatever is causing you to feel anxious long enough to allow your body to reach a more relaxed state. Once you have reached this state it is imperative to use good breathing exercises to maintain the state.

Exercise is also very beneficial for relieving stress, whether you chose to engage in vigorous or light activity. Going on a five minute walk with your dog can decrease your level of anxiety, just as going on a five mile run might have the same effect. This relaxation technique can be successful because it offsets the negative feelings by doing something constructive instead. The natural high of working out can lead to the elimination of stress factors.

Another thing that might contribute to the cause of stress and anxiety is the state of our home and belongings. If your house is a cluttered mess, your mind will follow suit. Cleaning your house is an easy, anxiety-decreasing relaxation technique that will clear your mind of its cluttered mess and generally put you in a better mood. Studies have shown that people who do not keep a clean house are more likely to be stressed and anxious, and actually have greater predisposition to becoming depressed.

Finding ways to distract your mind when it is overwhelmed is implicit in any exercise used to try and lower anxiety, with the goal of reaching a relaxed state. An effective way to distract the mind might be through a reading or writing exercise. Reading is very similar to a meditation exercise, in that it takes you outside of yourself and allows you to follow someone else’s thoughts for a period of time. The act of writing can allow you to tell your own story and share your thoughts on paper. Engaging in this activity can help you visualize what you are thinking and prioritize your thoughts.

The key to successfully implementing any of these relaxation techniques and anxiety-lowering tactics is to find what will work best for you. As previously stated, these are not the only tactics for relieving anxiety, and exploring a variety of exercises might be necessary before finding your personal favorite.


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